2019 Taipei Game Show台北國際電玩展 ONE-DAY PASS一日參觀劵

  • 2019/01/25(Fri) 10:00(+0800) ~ 2019/01/28(Mon) 18:00(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google Calendar )
  • 台北世貿一館&三館 / 台北市信義區信義路五段5號
  • 台北市電腦公會 (Taipei Computer Association)Contact Organizer


【兌換入場QR Code / Converting Admission QR Code】

【基本資訊 Information】

  1. 活動名稱:2019 Taipei Game Show 台北國際電玩展
  2. 活動時間:2019/1/25(五)-2019/1/28(一)10:00-18:00
  3. 活動地點:台北世貿一館(台北市信義區信義路五段5號) & 台北世貿三館(台北市信義區松壽路6號)
  4. 主辦單位:台北市電腦商業同業公會


  1. Event: 2019 Taipei Game Show
  2. Date: 25th -28th January, 2019
  3. Venue: TWTC Hall 1 (No. 5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Taipei) & TWTC Hall 3 (No. 6, Songshou Rd., Taipei)
  4. Organizer: Taipei Computer Association


【兌換方式 Instruction

          (兌換期限至1/28 18:00)

  1. 在此網頁最下方點選下一步
  2. 選擇一日參觀劵ONE-DAY PASS一張並輸入邀請碼後點選下一步
  3. 填妥姓名、Email及手機後點選確認表單資料送出。
  4. 訂單確認完成後將會出現特定QR Code,並寄出確認信。  
  5. 請於2019/1/25-28期間任選一日,由世貿一館的7號、13號、19號、20號入口世貿三館的A1入口入場。

QR Code請妥善保管,一個QR Code只供入場一次,當日可憑手章重複入場。


(Converting is due by 28th Jan. 18:00)

(Please select English as the language at the bottom of this page.) 

  1. Click Next Step at the bottom of this page.
  2. Add one on the One-Day Pass and enter the invitation code, then click Next Step.
  3. Fill out the form with Name, Email and Phone Number, then click Confirm Form.
  4. The QR Code will be shown on the page if the order is succeed, and the confirmation letter will also be sent to your email.
  5. Please enter the event venue by the 7th, 13th, 19th, 20th entrance of TWTC Hall 1 and the A1 entrance of TWTC Hall 3 on any given day from 25th January to 28th January, 2019.

※ Please keep the QR Code safe, each QR Code can only be valid for once. Reentering is free of charge on the same day by showing the admitted stamp on the back of your hand.


【注意事項 Notices】

  1. 持本票券可於1/25-1/28任選一日進出2019台北國際電玩展玩家區全區(世貿一館及世貿三館) ,限由世貿一館的7號、13號、19號、20號入口世貿三館的A1入口入場
  2. 票劵僅限一人單次使用,並請妥善保管,若發生遺失、損毀等情形,視為無效票劵,一概不予退換或補發。
  3. 展覽規定以現場公告為主,各項展品設施如有損壞事宜,需照額賠償。
  4. 請遵守參觀秩序,避免發生推擠、踩踏等危險行為,且不可攜帶危險物品。
  5. 上述事項若有未盡事宜,主辦單位保留活動之解釋權利,活動訊息請上官網http://tgs.tca.org.tw或FB粉絲團[台北國際電玩展]。


  1. Visitor is able to enter the B2C Zone (TWTC Hall 1 & 3) of 2019 Taipei Game Show on any given day from 25th January to 28th January, 2019. Please enter by the 7th, 13th, 19th, 20th entrance of TWTC Hall 1 and the A1 entrance of TWTC Hall 3.
  2. The ONE-DAY PASS is only used by one person once. Please keep it safe, the ONE-DAY PASS will be invalid if damaged and will not be reissue if lost.
  3. The regulations of event are based on on-site announcements. If exhibits and venue equipment are damaged, compensation is required.
  4. Please follow the visiting order. Avoid dangerous behaviors such as pushing, stepping on, and do not carry any dangerous goods.
  5. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the event if there are any outstanding issues in the above matters. Please visit the official website http://tgs.tca.org.tw or Facebook page[@taipeigameshow]for further information.
台北世貿一館&三館 / 台北市信義區信義路五段5號

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
一日參觀劵 ONE-DAY PASS 2018/12/19 00:00(+0800) ~ 2019/01/28 18:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
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